I’ve just returned from Pubcon in Las Vegas where I had the opportunity to not only present on brand and content marketing, but listen to Google’s presentations on disavows, structured data, Mobile First and Accelerated Mobile Pages. What I learned • A lot of confusion still surrounds disavows • Structured data has pros and cons […]

Mixing it with the best in the business this week at Pubcon in Las Vegas. I’ve met some awesome people and been involved in some great SEO conversations. One in particular focused on the evolution of content marketing and how it’s changed for me. What I learned Content marketing no longer requires backlinking Brand and […]

I saw a tweet during the week which made me raise an eyebrow when it comes to deleting content. Deleting content can help in certain circumstances. EDIT: Dawn’s tweet is on the money but many who hear or read Google’s comments may not understand the context. What I learned Not all advice from Google is […]

Following on from our series on Google & Brands, this week I take a look at some changes Google made about 8 years ago as well as find a couple more examples of where the brand is smashing backlink pigs. What I learned Brand signals are trust signals Simple marketing activities can affect brand search […]

Jim Stewart recently hit the road to attend three speaking events at the invitation of The Adviser Bootcamp Digital Marketing Event in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. The Bootcamp events were aimed at providing finance brokers the knowledge and skills required to establish effective digital marketing strategies to increase customer bases and drive brand recognition and […]

Hey, welcome back Rankers. Weather is warming up in Melbourne. It’s racing season. Gardening. Got the veggie patch in. Everything’s growing. It’s going to be great, and then next month, off to Pubcon in Vegas where I hope to see a few of you there. Meet up with a few old mates. I wanted to […]

Hey welcome back Rankers! You doing well? Spring is here, finally and well, I was in the garden all day yesterday, it’s lovely. Having a lovely time. I want to talk to you this week a little bit more about brand and I wanted to get in touch on a couple of things that I’m […]

Welcome back, Rankers! Listen, we’ve been doing this show for 13 years so if you haven’t subscribed, maybe now is the time, and if you get any value out of this at all, please share it with your friends. And wherever you want to share it. That’d be awesome. Thank you. 4,800% Revenue Increase. Really? […]

Hey, welcome back Rankers. Wow, we had an interesting week last week. We tried something different on a client site. We were looking at conversion rate optimisation for this one particular retailer. Someone said, “You know what? These two pages here, they’re the highest traffic pages in the site, yet we have to drill down […]

Hey, welcome back, Rankers. You having a good day? Last week I was on Sky News, so for those of you who asked about that and where do you find it, you just go to my YouTube channel and it’s up there. Now, I wanted to talk to you a little bit today about why […]