Digital Marketing Buzzwords 2018 – What To Avoid

by David Hyman June 13, 2018

Digital marketing in 2018 has become far more advanced and even more complicated, especially when you’re looking to bring on a digital marketing agency to assist your business’s growth. Deciphering between the newest wildlife or jungle-themed agency may seem like a very tedious task, and it’s made even more complicated by the amount of buzzwords that have are being thrown around all over the place. We’ve gone through the buzzword Bible, and we picked out a chunk of these that we don’t like and that you should pull up whenever they’re used in a pitch to you. Here they are.


This word is a pet hate in our office. Every time I hear the word holistic, I imagine myself having my spine realigned, having incense in the air and hot rocks between my legs. I mean, I don’t really think of it as a marketing term. The reason people use it is they’re trying to explain an all-encompassing strategy or campaign. But isn’t that what every campaign should be? I mean, if you’re paying for a service, you should have everything looked at before going into it. I mean, it’s an extremely vague concept and it seems to be overused in the industry. If you were going for a car service and your mechanic told you that you were having a holistic service, wouldn’t you sort of just want to know what they’re doing and how much it costs? It’s a shamble. It’s fluff. Don’t buy into it.


Often associated with innovative startups, growth hacking refers to rapid experimentation across the marketing funnel, which then leads to optimization and lead generation. It’s become extremely popular in referring to any conversion change on a website that increases traffic. A good example of this might be implementing search bar functionality. Growth hacking, a new call to action on your homepage banner. Growth hacking, adding live chat to your website. Growth hacking, Tyrion Lannister in high heels. Growth hacking. Stop kidding yourself. You aren’t hacking anything. You’re simply making sensible marketing decisions to help improve conversions. Let’s call it what it really is.


Now, something to be considered viral. It needs to have an astronomical increase in content views in a very short period of time. Lots of agencies promise that campaigns will go viral. But really, there’s a lot of over-promise and under-deliver in this aspect. To actually have a viral video, you need to have the perfect combination of engaging content that’s easily shareable, that represents your brand perfectly. So unless you’re hanging with the big boys, like Dollar Shave Club or Purple Mattresses, we don’t really feel like this is a term that you should be using in your business. Remember, viral comes from a doctor’s term that’s referring to a disease. Let’s leave viral to the doctors to handle, and let’s move on with a healthy marketing strategy outside of it.


A thought leader is commonly referring to a person or an agency who is the first to come up with something new in marketing. Now, I believe that I’m a thought leader on many an issue. Robot car’s the name for cyclists. Spoiling the royal family with Americans. Handing Star Wars over to Disney so they can slowly destroy my childhood. The position of thought leader seems to be launching itself into LinkedIn profiles these days, almost as much as cryptocurrency expert, which shows just how overused this really is. If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency, don’t look for the one that’s first to something. Look for the one that’s best at what they do.


Synergy is the poster child of the buzzword dictionary. Its overuse and annoyingness is now in contingent with John Farnham’s Farewell to a Poster. It actually comes from the Greek language and it refers to the interaction of elements that cause a total effect, which in marketing terms, is the fluffiest way that you could just say, “Team work.” I mean, between an agency and a business, of course there’s going to be synergy, otherwise you never would have signed an agreement with one another. Synergy is a fluffy word. Let’s delete it from our vocabulary and move on.

So next time you hear one of these buzzwords from an agency, make sure you read between the lines and see what they’re actually saying, because a lot of the time, it’s not a lot. Also, make sure to check out my blog within the description that’s pointing to some of the buzzwords you might want to know in 2018 and an explanation of what they mean. Cheers guys.

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With over 5 years experience in digital marketing for entertainment, lifestyle and retail industries, Dave began taking on clients in a freelancing environment from 2015 onwards. Currently working as the Digital Marketing Account Manager for StewArt Media, Dave has a passion for digital marketing and ensuring that all clients are achieving rapid digital growth. Additionally, Dave also assists in Social Media Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Search Engine Optimisation strategies.

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