Australian Federal Election 2007

by Jim September 15, 2007

In case you got here by accident I am going to rank for Aust Federal election phrases and then teach visitors to my site how they can also get their message heard. People always want to know how to get seen in Google. Well a federal election is a perfect time to learn if you have something you want to tell the world.

Sure you can go on youtube like John Howard, Kevin Rudd did but people only found them because they were told they were there. Frequent visitors to my blog would know that I have ranked no,1 for the word workchoice, across all the major search engines, ever since the Workchoices policy was announced. It’s amazing the things people type into Google that you can learn from.

The variation insearch termsgives an interesting pictureinto what people want to know. Whilst I applaud our major politicians recentadoption of 20th century technology, it is a bit like watching an elephant play tennis; a lot of noise, commotion and effort for little result.

The problem is they think it is a broadcast medium. It’s not. The Internet is an interactive medium. Your electorate can do more than just throw a slipper at the telly if they disagree with you. They can start a blog. If you are a politician and do not understand what blogs are you had better learn fast.

The politicians are forgetting about search marketing. When I saw the stats from our workchoice example it really stood out that Australians are very active in searching for information about Government policy. Both employers and employee related searches were conducted.It will be interesting to see what people are really interested in with the federal election and what sites are capitalising on. How would you feel if your opposition ranked no.1 for your slogan in Google? That is a pretty important fact they are missing. Why? Because there are too many bloggers, My space and youtube users advising them. The swing voters are over at Google you numbskulls .Write some relevant content on your web sites.

Go to Google and search for John Howard. The no.6 result right now is 101 uses for John Howard.
The site is a political cartoonists site. It would be kind of embarrassing if his site went into the top 3 for the phrase John Howard huh? John Howard better hope lots of other people don’t link to his site.

Some of you may think this is a google bomb (if you have heard of them). It’s not. It’s my new technique I’m calling a Google Cream Pie 🙂

If you are a journo and want to know how we go you can drop me a instant msg or email or SMS or phone or carrier pigeon… well don’t drop the pigeon..

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